Welcome to Pooling Basics 2.0

Pooling Basics 2.0 is designed for newer pool staff and governing body members, and pooling service providers. The nine-module course provides an introduction to pooling functions, financial statements, governance models, actuarial analyses, and more. Pooling Basics 2.0 is available to AGRiP pool members and QEI patrons. The course can conveniently be taken anywhere and anytime you have access to a computer and an internet connection.


  • Option 1: $100/user for 12 weeks of access. Available to pool members and QEI Patrons.
  • Option 2: $150/user for 12 weeks of access. Available to AGRiP Partners.
  • Option 3: A 10% discount on the per user fee and unlimited access for one year if the pool or QEI Patron buys access for all staff associated with the pool. This bulk subscription includes governing body access. For example, a pool with a staff of 20 that purchases 20 subscriptions would pay $1,800 for an unlimited year subscription, including board member access.

To access the course, please Sign In using the Username and Password that were assigned to you.

To sign up for individual access to Pooling Basics 2.0, complete the appropriate web form. You will be notified once your account has been approved. To discuss a bulk subscription, contact info@agrip.org.

Pooling Basics 2.0:

For Pooling Members and QEI Patrons

$100 / User

Pooling Basics 2.0:

For AGRiP Partners

$150 / User